Wellington, the capital of New Zealand has been well known for Weta Workshop which is the production company of New Zealander Peter Jackson. Not only is Wellington famous for the movie production scene, but there are also other aspects that on can look into. Go here https://www.setupdixon.co.nz/hostels/  for more information about hostels. 

 In the event that you are pondering about visiting the beautiful city of Wellington, all you have to do is book yourself accommodation in Wellington CBD or away from the central business district and start exploring. There are many passengers who travel for both business and leisure together and end up touring around the city as well.

If you are still wondering why you should visit this city, then here are a few reasons to help you decide

The friendliness of the kiwi prevails

Many people compare people n Auckland and Wellington where individuals realise that the population in wellington are much friendlier. They are very much hospitable as well. it is very important that a country and its people are very nice to those who come visit, and this population from the city really know how to outdo themselves.

The food scene

For those who love food a lot, then this is one of the must visit cities. Every December, the Wellington on a Plate festival is arranged and there are many individuals who book cheap accommodation in Wellington and make it to the festival. The gastronomy of this little city sparks up the taste buds and you will be able to enjoy some great coffee, visit some amazing brunch spots and al fresco dining restaurants too.

Galleries and museums

If you like the traditional art that has a lot of cultural and history entwined in it, then you must visit the National Museum, which is claimed to be treasure. There are other places such as the Botanic Gardens and the Carter Observatory where you can access the Space Place.


There are other beautiful landmarks such as The Beehive, which is parliamentary establishment, Government Hose, National Library or even the Wrights Hill Fortress.


If you love to witness the wildlife, then you can first start at the Wellington Zoo and Zealandia where you can see the native animals species.

The coastal view

If you want to enjoy the breath-taking view of the coastal area; then Wellington is where you should visit. You will love the temperature and the climate where you can relax and get the tan you always wanted.

So why not take the chance and enjoy a magnificent holiday in Wellington.